We’re an Apple watch development company with a history in wearable technology.

We were lucky to have been selected by Apple to be one of the first development teams invited to their headquarters in London when the Apple Watch was first released. This gave us dedicated time with their expert developers to refine the apps we had developed for the new device but hadn’t had a chance to run on the new hardware yet.

So just like the iPhone we’ve been Apple Watch developers from the beginning and with preferred private assistance from Apple we’ve been able make some really amazing apps.

Apple Watch Apps

Our most recent Apple Watch app was for one of the app stores leading time tracking apps. We created the Watch app as an accessory to the main app, allowing users to start and stop and manage their time and productivity from their wrist.

Apple Watch Development CompanyJust one of the many excellent use cases for a wearable device that is always accessible without being too obtrusive.

Other apps that are perfectly suited to the Apple Watch include those in the hospitality and hotel industry. Imagine being able to unlock your hotel room by tapping on your watch.

Medical Watch apps also continue to one of the most popular growth areas for Apple Watch apps. The connection with Apples HealthKit mean that the tie in with health related apps on both the Apple watch and the iPhone is only going to become more apparent year on year.

If you have an idea for an app and are looking for an Apple Watch developer than get in touch and we’ll talk you through the best approach to designing, developing and marketing your app.