Fixed price project or hourly contract? What’s best.

13th June 2016 - App Development

For many years we worked on fixed price projects, almost exclusively. There were on-going monthly support contracts with many clients but when starting on new projects we would always estimate up front, agree to a fixed price on the entire piece of work and bill accordingly.

This would mean a deposit of 50%, and 50% on when the project was finished, regardless of how long the project took. Projects would sometimes span 4-6 months with no cash flow until the app was released. This can work well with a large cash injection at the start of the work, but can easily be derailed for a multitude of reasons.

How exactly do you become an app developer?

22nd May 2016 - App Development

App Developer

The role of a freelance app developer can be wide and varied, from writing code, to marketing and spending time leasing with clients over their project requirements.

At it’s core though, it’s about developing apps. Building stuff that’s sent off out into the world with the potential to be installed on the phones of hundreds of thousands of people.

What’s the best way to resize app icons for your mobile app?

12th May 2016 - App Development

Irish App Developer Resizing Mobile App Icons

If can often be hard keeping up with Apples latest devices and the ever increasing number of different sized app icons which are required for app developers to keep track of.

If you release a universal app which runs on all iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches you’re looking at alarge number (28 at the current count!) of individual app icon files which your app is expected to support.

Why you should always develop an MVP version of your app.

29th December 2015 - App Development

App Developers

“The minimum viable product (MVP) is the product with the highest return on investment versus risk. It is the sweet spot between products without the required features that fail at sunrise and the products with too many features that cut return and increase risk.” – Wikipedia.

For mobile development this means getting a bare minimum version of your app onto the app store as soon as you possibly can. Keep the features to a minimum to demonstrate it’s core functionality and start getting user feedback immediately.