How much does it cost to develop an app?

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We get this question a lot. An awful lot. In fact it’s the number one search that leads people to our website in the first place. And that’s fine with us, the majority of people are unsure of how much apps actually cost to develop.

The number one factor in determining the cost of building an app is the amount of features that you want the app to have.

We charge for an app simply based on the amount of time it takes to build that app and the more features you need it to have, the longer it takes, and the more costs there are involved.

The second factor influencing the price of an app is how many different kinds of devices you want it to run on.

We only make native apps for iOS and Android which are built using entirely different programming languages (Swift versus Java). This means if you want the app to run on both iOS and Android, the overall costs would be close to double that of just one device.

So for us to give you a rough estimate on the costs and time frames involved in developing your app we need to have:

– a description of your app and the concept behind it.
– a list of the features that you need your app to have, ideally organised by sections or screens.
– the devices you want it to run on (iPhone, Android, iPad etc.)

In a super ideal world you’d also let us know how much of a budget you have set aside for the project, or what your hoping to spend on the app. This helps us guage how realistic your expectations are and if we’re even in the same ball park.

We normally develop apps which range in price from €2,500 – €50,000 (+VAT). The average project costs in the region of €15,000 – €20,000 (+VAT).

For some examples:

– an app to register, login and view a PDF document would be around €3,500 – €4,500 for one device.
– a fairly simple classified ads app (with web backend) might cost between €8,500 – €12,500.
– a dating app (with web backend) might be around €12,500 – €14,500.

So again, it depends entirely on the features that the app has and what devices you want it to run on.

To find out how much it would cost to develop your own app, take a few moments to fill out our mobile assessment form and we’ll get right back to you.

About Andy Dunn

Owner and lead iOS developer at Infinite Touch, Andy Dunn has been a freelance web and iOS developer for over 20+ years. Working with brands like Vodafone, Three, McDonalds and Tesco he lives and works from rural County Leitrim, providing app development services to companies all over the world.