We’ve been doing iOS development for as long as there’s been an iPhone to develop on.

Back when smart phones and iOS development were new technology we developed the first version of the DoneDeal.ie iPhone app.

iOS DevelopmentThat first iOS app was an immediate hit and shot straight into the number one spot on the app store in Ireland with zero marketing or promotion. Being our first major app we were delighted. It just confirmed for us that iOS development was not just something that we enjoyed but was commercially viable in the long term.

And that was way back when app development was a completely new thing and being an “app developer” was something that most people hadn’t even heard of.

At the time it was only built to run on the original iPhone but now we’re lucky to be developing apps on the same core iOS SDK but running on a multitude of difference devices. Apple have been busy over the past few years and continue to lead the world in mobile and now wearable technology.

iPad Development

When it first came out the iPad was a ground breaking device and created it’s own category of hardware which didn’t exist before. Tablet computing was reborn with the simplicity and elegance that only Apple can doiOS Development Ireland. We were immediate fans and become customising some our existing iPhone apps to run on the new device.

Fast forward to today and almost half of the iOS apps we’re now developing are released as a ‘Universal App’ enabling them to run on both iPad and iPhone. The latest versions of Xcode include tools to make designing and developing for multiple screen sizes much easier
and it’s a path we’d recommend for a lot of apps.

Apple Watch & Apple TV Development

Going forward we like to keep abreast with the latest developments in mobile and related tech so we also develop apps for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Android devices.